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Welcome to Petersburg Company, your premier tour provider in Petersburg, Virginia! We specialize in captivating golf cart or walking tours that cater to everyone, offering a delightful experience for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.


Our walking tours are easily paced, family friendly, and appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our friendly guides are knowledgeable and professional. Our walking tours are thoughtfully designed to be easily paced, ensuring that you can comfortably explore the charming streets of Petersburg. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or prefer a more relaxed stroll, our tours are tailored to accommodate your preferred pace.


"Our experience with Petersburg Company exceeded all expectations! From the moment we booked our tour to the final farewell, their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction were remarkable. The knowledgeable guides provided a deep insight into the history and culture of Petersburg, making the tour both educational and enjoyable. If you're looking for an exceptional tour company in Petersburg, Virginia, look no further than Petersburg Company!"

Sarah Johnson

Seattle, Washington


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Petersburg History Tour

Come take a golf cart tour of Petersburg and get a feel for over 350 years of history. 

  • Saturdays & Sundays @ 9:30 AM 

  • Length: 2 Hours

  • Starts @ 420 Grove Ave

  • Golf Cart Tour

  • Cost: $35 per person

Old Towne Walking Tour

Explore 400 years of history on this easy walking tour. Walk the same streets as Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Saturdays & Sundays @ 2 PM

  • Length: 2 Hours

  • Starts @ Exchange Building - 15 W Bank St.

  • Walking Tour

  • Cost: $35 per person

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Twisted Petersburg

Take a look at the seamier side of historic Petersburg as we visit some brothels, speakeasies and crime scenes. (18 and older.)

  • Fridays @ 8:00 PM 

  • Length: 2 Hours

  • Starts @ The Exchange Building -- 15 W. Bank St.

  • Walking Tour

  • Cost: $35 per person

Gift Card

Tour tickets typically cost around $35 per person, not including tax.

Petersburg Ghost Tour

Family-friendly and child-safe. Take the tour people are dying to get on. Explore one of the most beautiful, historic, and haunted neighborhoods in Virginia.

  • Saturdays @ 8:00 AM 

  • Length: 2 Hours

  • Starts @ Exchange Building - 15 W. Bank St

  • Walking Tour

  • Cost: $35 per person

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About Us

At Petersburg Company, we take pride in creating a family-friendly environment. We understand the importance of inclusive experiences that bring families closer together. That's why our tours are carefully crafted to engage and entertain visitors of all ages. Discover the fascinating history, architectural marvels, and cultural heritage of Petersburg while creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

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